A Plant’s New Year’s Resolutions

CHAANG.flowerJan. 1, 2016

Certain people claim that plants have feelings. I’m not sure whether they are sentient or not, but if a native plant were to make a New Year’s resolution perhaps it would be one of these:

  • be healthy (grow to my full, lush potential)
  • be productive (produce abundant seed/fruit)
  • overcome stress (deal with adversity without wimping out)
  • use water more efficiently (use what I have well)
  • be attractive to pollinators (be fit and attractive for my pollinators)
  • be grounded (my roots will hold me firm in spite of forces that attempt to push me down)
  • be self sufficient (stand firmly on my own without leaning on others too much)
  • provide sustenance to other creatures (be a source of nourishment to my environment)
  • interact with other plants in a positive way (being supportive, not crowding them out)

Plants are amazing teachers.


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